Manufacturing Orders Overview

Understanding manufacturing orders

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A manufacturing order is used to produce products from your materials and other manufactured products like subassemblies and outsourced products.

Manufacturing orders can be found under the manufacturing menu options "View Manufacture Orders".

Why use Manufacturing Orders?

  • It helps you manage your production operations (e.g., cutting, assembly, painting, etc.)

  • It allows you to check the materials and ingredients needed for your productions. Creating your production orders will tell you an estimate of the materials required to complete the process.

  • It allows you to set production deadlines, enabling you to see when an order can be completed and help plan for future productions.

Manufacturing Workflows

There are two types of manufacturing workflows in Brahmin Solutions.

Make to Order (MTO)

A Manufacturing Order that is producing products for a specific Sales Order. An MTO is permanently linked to a sales order.

MTO Manufacturing orders can be made by going to a specific sales order and then clicking Action -> Create Manufacture Order.

This will show a popup that will give you two options: (1) All Products - This will allow you to create manufacturing orders for all the qty on the sales order. (2) Short Products Only - This will allow you to create manufacturing orders for all the products you do not have in stock.

Learn in-depth on how a typical Make to Order flow works in Brahmin Solutions.

Make to Stock (MTS)

A Manufacturing Order that is producing products to stock into inventory for future sales. Make To Stock Orders are not linked to any sales orders.

Make to Stock (MTS) orders can be created in 2 ways:

  • Under the manufacturing menu, click "New Manufacture Order".

  • Use the "Make to Stock" report under the manufacturing menu.

Read more on how to Make to Stock report works.

Manufacturing Types

There are two types of manufacturing types in Brahmin Solutions.


Manufacturing order type used in Make to Order or Make to Stock workflow.

Manufacturing orders of type "Manufacture" can be created in all the ways described by Make to Order (MTO) and Make to Stock (MTS) workflow.

It is typically the end product of an assembly.


Manufacturing order type that is created by another manufacturing order. A subassembly is permanently linked to another manufacturing order.

Subassembly orders can only be created by going to a specific manufacturing order and then clicking "Action -> Create Sub Assembly."

Note: Enabling both Sub Assembly and Manufacture will allow the product to be assembled on a manufacturing order individually and be part of a larger assembly through sub-assembly.

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