Manufacturing Order - refers to an order created by a company to produce a specific product.

You can access manufacturing orders by going to the Manufacturing menu then View Manufacture Orders. From here, you can create new manufacture orders or view existing ones. Manufacture Orders can have the following status based on the current stage: Saved, Confirmed, InProcess, and Fulfilled.

You can only create Manufacturing Orders for a variant if the Bill of Materials has been already set up.

To create a Manufacturing Order, go to Manufacturing Menu and click "New Manufacture Order". Search the BOM of the Manufacturing product, update manufacture, confirmed, and fulfilled dates. If applicable, assign a manufacture rep for the Assembly of the product(s). 

The system will automatically update the component items required for the finished item. For this example, I have created "BOM1001" for a Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich. The standard recipe for a PBJ Sandwich is as follows, 1 count of Peanut Butter and Mixed Berries Jelly and 2 counts of Whole Grain Bread. I have selected 3 total sandwiches to be created for this order, the system automatically updated the quantity for each item that would be required to complete this manufacturing order.

Additional Costs can be added to the manufacturing order. 

Click "Confirm" to create the Manufacturing order. 

Toggle over to "Work Order" tab to proceed with assembling the order by updating Start and complete dates, also updating the quantity picked for each item and location/lot.

The "Tracking" feature allows you to set an expiry date for the final product and allocate it to a specific "lot" for better tracking. 

Note: The system will notify you if the inventory levels are insufficient to complete the order, you will have the ability to adjust the volume of the order and place a purchase order for the low inventory within the same page.

The "Tracking" feature for Components items allows you to draw the product from different lots, if there are multiple lots of storage for any given product. Below screenshot is for Peanut Butter.

Once the information is updated in Work Order, click "Start, Pick, and complete to complete the order.

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