Make to Order Workflow

Make to Order Workflow (MTO)

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This article gives an overview of the basic Make to Order workflow in Brahmin Solutions. It explains how to approach the flow between Sales ("Sell"), Manufacturing ("Make"), and Purchasing ("Buy") in a Make to Order use case.

In a Make to Order (MTO) situation, a company will start producing the product only when a customer order is received, and no products are kept in stock.

Step 1 – Sales order

A Make to Order starts when you receive a sales order. All new Sales Orders appear in the "View Sales" screen. Sales Orders can either be synced from your e-commerce channels (e.g. Shopify, Magento, or Amazon) or created in Brahmin Solutions manually.

In the "View Sales" screen, you can track the progress of all Sales Orders.

In a Make to Order situation, the Product Availability would not be available for immediate picking as you are not keeping any products in stock.

Step 2 – Production scheduling

To start making the products to fulfill this order you can go to the sales order and click on Actions -> Create Manufacture Order (Manufacturing Order). 

This will show a popup that will give you two options: (1) All Products - Which will allow you to create manufacturing orders for all the products (2) Short Products Only - Which will allow you to create manufacturing orders for all the products you do not have in stock.

Manufacturing Orders will be created in a "Saved" status in the "View Manufacture Orders" screen. This is the production schedule for your workshop, listing all the Manufacturing Orders for products that need to be made. 

A Manufacturing Order created from a sales order will be automatically linked to the related Sales Order

Step 3 – Raw materials requirements

Click on a Manufacturing Order in the "View Manufacture Orders" to see a detailed components list and Material Availability at an ingredient level. You will also see an estimated "Can Assemble Qty" which will project the QTY you can produce. 

Note: Even when a company makes products to order, many businesses typically keep a certain amount of raw materials in stock to satisfy forecasted production needs. We suggest using Reorder Points for materials in Brahmin Solutions to ensure an optimal stock level for materials at all times. Here’s How to set Reorder Points and How to calculate appropriate Reorder Points.

If the Production QTY is greater than the QTY you can produce then you will need to purchase the required raw materials to complete your production.

Step 4 – Purchasing the necessary materials

To start purchasing the raw materials needed for your production, there are two ways to create purchase orders

Go to the manufacturing order and click on Action -> Create Purchase Order (Purchase Order). 

This will show a popup that will give you two options: (1) All Components - Which will allow you to create purchase orders for all the raw materials (2) Short Components Only - Which will allow you to create purchase orders for only the components you do not have in stock.

After creating purchase orders, they can found in the "View Purchases" screen on the Manufacturing Order the Purchase was generated from in Brahmin Solutions. Purchase Orders are created in a saved status. Here you can manage the Delivery status for all Purchase Orders.

Purchase Orders created from a Manufacturing Order will be automatically linked to the Manufacturing Order. 

Purchase Orders can be sent directly from Brahmin Solutions to the vendor by clicking on Action -> Email Purchase.

Step 5 – Receive your materials 

When the materials arrive in your warehouse, scan the materials in and they will be added to your stock. When you go back to your production order you will see that you have enough materials availability to start your production.

 Learn how to receive inventory in Brahmin Solutions.

Step 6 – Make the product

To start a production order, go to the work order and click "Start". Then pick the necessary components or use the systems auto pick functionality by clicking "Pick". Once you have picked the components, now enter a location to receive your finished product and click "Complete".

Learn how to complete a work order to complete your production.

Step 7 – Ship out the product

Now go to the sales order, either by clicking on the sales order link from the manufacturing order or finding the sales order from "View Sales". Open the sales order and ship out the order.

Learn how to ship inventory in Brahmin Solutions.

That’s it! You have fulfilled completed the MTO workflow. 

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