Once you confirm a purchase order, you can receive qty against it completely or partially.

Ways to Receive Purchase

View Purchases: Inbound -> View Purchases. Find your PO and then go to receiving tab

View Receipts: Inbound -> View receipts. Find your PO and then receive


To receive items:

  1. Enter the Carrier

  2. Enter Tracking Info

  3. Enter Receive Date only if you want to back date the receipt. If not the system will enter the current date

  4. Enter Qty and Location. If items have tracking field(s) associated with them, an icon will appear. Click on the icon and enter the appropriate tracking fields.

  5. Click Receive

Receiving items will add items to inventory and update the MAC

If you receive the PO partially, a new receipt link will appear under the receipts section. Click on new receipt to receive additional items.

If you receive the PO completely, PO will automatically be "Fulfilled" and no more receivings can be made against the PO.

Receive All

To fully receive the order in one click.

  1. Enter the Carrier

  2. Enter Tracking Info

  3. Click Receive All and enter the Location. Brahmin Solutions will match the received qty to the number of units ordered on the purchase order.

Receive All will not work if tracking fields are required.


Receiving inventory will affect Available, On Hand, On Order and Available to Pick Qty (learn more).

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