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Shipping Sales Order
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Once you confirm a sales order, you can ship qty against it completely or partially.  There are two places to ship an order, one is from a sales order and the other is from view shipments screen. 

From sales order, you will be able to see the sales order prices, inventory, and invoices while from shipments only screen you will only see the shipments.


Clicking on the allocate will lock up inventory at a specific location for the sales order. 

There are two ways to allocate, one is having the system do it and the other is manually allocating the needed qty.

System Allocation
If you need to have the system allocate inventory for you, click allocate and it will allocate the order by FIFO (First In First Out) method.

Manual Allocation
You can manually allocate by entering the qty and picking location by entering the qty and location.


Click on the pick button to pick the items from the location you have allocated the inventory. 


Click on the pack button to pack the items you have picked from inventory. You can pack the order by selecting a carrier from the system or sending the order out to shipping channels.


Click on the ship button to ship the items you have packed. If you have sent items to shipping platforms, the shipment will be automatically be marked shipped when you mark it as shipped in the shipping platform. No need for double entry.

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