Bill of Materials (BOM) - contains a list of all components needed to produce a product. These components can be intermediate materials, subassemblies, parts, and consumables. You may also add additional costs such as labor and overheads.

You can create a new BOM for a product manually or import using our template.

Let’s learn how to create your first BOM:

Before you can create a BOM for a product, make sure that the product has the manufacturable flag turned on.

To begin, go to the Manufacturing Menu and click New BOM or in the View BOM list click New.

To Create Bill of Materials manually in Brahmin Solutions:

Add Product / BOM #

Enter a BOM #. A unique number that you can reference.

Select the finished variant that you will be creating the BOM for. You can only select variants with a Manufacturable Flag turned on.

Add Line Items

To start adding the line items, start typing the component SKU or Name.

The component section on your Bill of Materials will contain the following columns:

QTY - refers to the quantity of components that will be consumed.
UOM - refers to the unit of measure.
Wastage - refers to component materials that will not be converted 100% into a finished product.
Unit Cost - refers to your Moving Average Cost.
Total Cost - refers to the total expected cost of the product based on the BOM.

Add Additional Costs

Aside from the Component items, you may add additional costs such as labor and additional miscellaneous expenses that may be part of the manufacturing process. 

Add Notes / Tags

If you want to add other instructions or references add it in the notes section.

Add tags to BOM to make it easier to filter.

Saving BOM

Once all information has been added to your BOM, click Save. 

Congratulations! 🎉 You've added your first BOM. 😀

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