Adding Tracking Fields

Tracking Field Configuration

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If you are running a business that needs to track products by serial numbers, expiry dates, etc.  Brahmin Solutions Tracking Fields configuration makes it easy to easily create the fields and assign them to your products.

Go to Settings > Company > Configuration > Tracking

Click, Add to enter a new Tracking Field.

Enter the following information:

Tracking Field Label - Display name of the tracking field
Tracking Field Type - Type of tracking field. Look at the note below for more information.
Description - Describe the tracking field.
Status - Keep this checked unless you want the tracking field inactive.

Types of tracking fields

There are 8 types of tracking fields. Only unique type looks for a one to one relationship and every other field is many to one relationship.

Example: Qty of 5 with a unique tracking field must be mapped with 5 unique tracking values and a non-unique tracking field doesn't have that restriction.

  1. Decimal Number - Decimal number field. 

  2. Text - No restrictions.

  3. Check Box - Check box.

  4. Integer - Only numbers allowed.

  5. Unique - no restriction except that every entry must be unique.

  6. Date - Date field.

  7. Expiration Date - Date field.

  8. Money - Currency field

Click the checkmark to save the Tracking Field. To add more, click the Add button and repeat the process. 

After creating tracking fields you can assign tracking fields to the products, read this article. 

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