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QuickBooks Online - Integration Setup
QuickBooks Online - Integration Setup
QuickBooks Online Integration Setup
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Note:  We don't provide supervision on mapping to your accounts in QuickBooks. Please consult your accountant. 

To find out more about what syncs and what doesn't from Brahmin Solutions to Quickbooks, read this article.

Before connecting QuickBooks Online to Brahmin Solutions you will need to make sure certain accounts exist in your QuickBooks account. These accounts are necessary to ensure that Brahmin Solutions pushes the correct data into the right accounts.

QuickBooks Online Setup

Creating Ledger Accounts
We recommend that for each Brahmin Solutions account type, you create an appropriate QuickBooks account type. 

Creating Sales Tax

If you have not set up your Sales tax in QuickBooks, it is important you do so before integrating. 

Click on the Sales Tax tab on the left side of your QuickBooks account. Click on New Tax to create a new Tax Record.

After Integration, Brahmin Solutions will create a Brahmin Solutions Tax rate in QuickBooks at 0%, it will use this as a default tax account to map all the taxes not mapped between QuickBooks and Brahmin Solutions. Even though tax rate of the account is 0%, Brahmin Solutions will apply the accurate total tax amount to each invoice.

Connecting QuickBooks Online to Brahmin Solutions

Now that you have your accounts set up you in QuickBooks, you are ready to connect your Brahmin Solutions platform. 

Go to your Brahmin Solutions Account > Settings > Add-Ons > Integrations > QuickBooks. Select the QuickBooks application, read through the details and Install QuickBooks Online.

You will be directed to an authorization page such as the one below. Authorize Intuit to securely share your data to Brahmin Solutions. Once the data has been imported you will be directed to an overview page.

Next, set up your configurations. It is advised to toggled all the configurations to ON.

Once the configuration setup is done. Click Save Configuration.

Next, connect the account ledgers you have created earlier for Brahmin Solutions. 

Map the appropriate taxes and Payment accounts with QuickBooks and click Save Account Config.

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