Pushing Listings To Shopify
Learn how to push products into shopify from Brahmin Solutions
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With Brahmin Solutions, you can push individual products and variants to Shopify

Pushable Fields

Brahmin Solutions pushes the following Brahmin Solutions fields to Shopify:

  • Product Name - Maps to the name of the product.

  • Long Description - Maps to the description of the product.

  • Variant Code - Maps to the SKU.

  • Option Name - Maps to the variants attributes.

  • Option Value - Maps to the variants options.

  • Price (Price List price linked with shopify) - Maps to the price of variant

  • Tags - Maps to product tags in Shopify.

  • Category - Maps to the product type in Shopify.

  • Vendor - Maps to the default vendor or the most recent vendor.

  • Taxable - Marks if the item is taxable or not.


Shopify requires that you associate a vendor with the product and we will associate a default vendor if one exists or we will go with the most recent vendor or if no vendors exist we will push Brahmin Solutions.

Brahmin Solutions will mark every product as Shippable and Visible.

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