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Before integrating, disconnect any Shopify apps related to stock or variable pricing. Wholesaler, Customer Pricing, Quantity Breaks, and similar apps are not compatible with Brahmin Solutions as they may create duplicates of your variants. 

If you're unsure whether a Shopify app conflicts with Brahmin Solutions, please email us at

Shopify Setup 

Before integrating Shopify, ensure that your products are ready to be downloaded into Brahmin Solutions. After the initial download, changes made to products in Shopify will not Sync with Brahmin Solutions.

Make sure that your products are marked as visible in Shopify and that the option to track inventory is selected. Tracking inventory in Shopify will ensure that Brahmin Solutions will be the Master Of Stock.

Although Brahmin Solutions doesn't require your Shopify products to have SKUs, we highly recommend adding them prior to integrating with Brahmin Solutions—especially if you plan on integrating multiple channels.

Brahmin Solutions Setup

To begin setting up Shopify with Brahmin Solutions, go to Brahmin Solutions Account > Settings > Add-Ons > Integrations > Shopify 

After you click + Shopify, the Brahmin Solutions Integration Wizard will walk you through everything you need to get set up with Shopify. 

Enter a unique Channel Name for this Shopify account and your Shopify Store URL Address.

Install Brahmin Solutions on your Shopify account and you will be redirected back to Brahmin Solutions. Next, set up your Warehouse and click Continue.

Sync Shopify prices with a Brahmin Solutions Price List and make sure the Brahmin Solutions currency and the Shopify currency are the same.

Select if you want Brahmin Solutions to be the master of price so that any price changes to the linked price list will update the changes in Shopify.

Next, configure the products sync.

The sync options are:

Link Brahmin Solutions products with Shopify Products

  • This means that Brahmin Solutions will try to link products from Shopify and if it unable to link it will stop trying. 

  • Brahmin Solutions will try to link products by trying to match SKU Code with the SKU # in Shopify.

Allow Brahmin Solutions to build products from Shopify if it unable to link

  • This means that Brahmin Solutions will try to first link products if the above check flag is checked and then if it doesn't succeed then it will build products from Shopify to Brahmin Solutions.

Brahmin Solutions is the Master of Stock

  • This means that when it is checked, Brahmin Solutions will be the master of QTY and send updates frequently to make sure inventory levels are the same.

Allow Brahmin Solutions to sync product details of linked products with Shopify

  • This means that when it is checked, Brahmin Solutions will be the master of Details and changes to product long description will sync with Shopify. 

  • Note: Brahmin Solutions will not download any changes made to product description in Shopify. It will only sync from Brahmin Solutions to Shopify.

Finally, configure the orders section by selecting if you want to import orders from Shopify at the point of integration or downloading shipping costs and click Finish

Once the configuration is completed, you will be taken to the Overview screen. 

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