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Add a Product Without Variants
Add a Product Without Variants
Product without variants
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Product created without a variant will create one variant.

Adding a Product Manually

To add a new product, select New SKU under the Inventory menu option or in View SKUs, click Action β†’ New.

A New SKU screen will appear, enter the following required and recommended fields.

  1. SKU Name (Required) - Name of the product. The variant will have the same name.

  2. SKU Code - SKU code of variant.

  3. Short Description - Short description of the product. This is will be displayed on all line items and reports.

  4. Long Description - Long detailed description of the product, this will sync with sales channels and B2B portal.

  5. Type - Select Product

  6. Category - Select a category that best describes the product. If a category isn't found, go to configurations and add the category.

  7. Β Brand - Brand of the product if applicable.

  8. Taxable - Toggle to YES if the product is taxable.

  9. Variants - Leave the toggle as NO.

  10. Tags - Tags you wish to associate with this product.

UOM - Unit of Measure (Pack Sizes)

  1. UOM Types: Select a UOM type from the dropdown. The default type is count, leave this as the option if you are not sure how to track your product. Learn more about UOM Types.

  2. Lowest UOM - The Lowest type of UOM. A UOM that is the smallest of the UOMs should be toggled as the lowest UOM.Β 

  3. UOM - Name of the UOM.

  4. Purchase - Purchase cost for the UOM.

  5. Retail - Retail price for the UOM.

  6. Wholesale - Wholesale price for the UOM.

Click the checkmark and save the configurations. If additional price lists are configured, more options will show next to wholesale and you can add the appropriate pricing of the price list for the UOM.

Add any additional UOMs for the product if there exist. Learn more.


If the product is tracked by serial #, expiry date, lot number or any type of tracking, select all the tracking fields and select a primary tracking number.

Once you have entered all the necessary fields on the page click save at the top of the page to complete the product configuration.

Congratulations! πŸŽ‰ You've added your first product without the variants. πŸ˜€

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