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Creating a New Vendor
Creating a New Vendor

This article will teach you about and how to create vendors

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Vendors are people/companies that supply you with inventory or any other goods or services.

With vendors, you can:

  • Reorder and auto-reorder inventory

  • Track purchase orders, incoming shipments, and receipts

  • Perform PO/Receiving/Bill 3-way reconciliation

  • Forward drop-ship orders with optional shipping labels and personalized packing slips

  • Assign one primary and multiple secondary vendors to an inventory item

  • Track bills for non-inventory vendors such as utility companies

  • And much more

For all the above to happen, you need to enter all the relevant vendor information into the system.

There are 3 ways to add vendors in Brahmin Solutions.

  • Add Vendors Manually

  • Import via accounting platform

  • Import via CSV

Adding Vendors Manually

To add a new vendor, select New Vendor under the Purchases menu option or click Action > New in View Vendors.

A New Vendor screen will appear, and you can start entering the vendor information.

Name: Vendor name

URL: Vendor URL

Tags: Add tags to better filter vendors

Addresses and contacts can be added under the information tab. Make sure to enter as much information as possible to make it easier to contact and reference the vendor in the future. For addresses, you can tag one as a primary and if the address is residential or not.

To enter the details of the vendor, go to the Details tab and start entering the following information.

These details will be the default details for the vendor on a purchase order. Details can be changed on the purchase order if needed but won’t be updated in the vendor.

Minimum Order Amount - Alert of the minimum amount required to be purchased from a vendor
Carrier - Carrier
Payment Terms - Payment Terms
Shipping Terms - Shipping Terms
Price List - Price list associated with the vendor

Tax Rate - Default vendor tax rate

Min Order Quantity - Alert of the minimum quantity required to place a purchase order to a vendor
Comments - Comments for this vendor

All the dropdown values such as shipping terms, price lists, tax rate, and carriers from the settings menu.

Click Save, and you are done. The new vendor should now appear on your vendor's page.

Congratulations! 🎉 You've added your first vendor. 😀

After saving your vendor, new tabs will appear, such as Memos, Products. Attachments, Tasks, and Orders.

Memos - The Memo tab can be used to add information to each vendor.

Products - Use this tab to connect products to vendors.

Attachments - Use this tab to add vendor documents.

Tasks - Use this tab to keep track of vendor tasks

Orders - Use this tab to see purchases placed for this vendor

Importing via  Accounting Platform 

When you integrate Brahmin Solutions with an accounting platform and turn on import vendors in the accounting settings and vendors will automatically be downloaded.

On the vendor page, check Created By to see if they are manually created or imported.

Importing via CSV

Got a lot of contacts? Check out our guide to importing Vendors via CSV.

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