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Sales Order Life Cycle
Sales Order Life Cycle
Sales order status and flow
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Let's look at the typical sales order life cycle.

Sales orders can be imported or created via online integrations, B2B eCommerce portal, and manually.

Every sales order on the platform will display one of these statuses. Below is a depiction of how the life cycle of a sales order progresses. 


This status is optional you have the option to either set this as the initial stage or confirm the order.

In this stage, the stock doesn't become allocated and available qty isn't reduced.

Once you are ready to proceed with the sale, confirm the saved order and the Sales Order status will change to “Confirmed”.


The confirmed stage is where your stock is allocated and available qty is reduced.

Editing your order at this stage will affect the allocated ad available qty.

Invoicing of the customer is available during and after this stage.

To move onto the next phase, ship any of the Sales Order.

In process

At this stage, the order is being processed.

Committed inventory will increase if you commit/pick/pack inventory to a shipment.

Available to Pick (AVP) will reduce if your commit/pick/pack inventory to a shipment.

To move onto the next phase, ship all of the items on the Sales Order.


Once the order is completely shipped, the status will become Fulfilled.

Order fulfilled does not mean that it has been fully invoiced or paid.


An order canceled will close the sales order and reduce Allocated and committed qty while increase the Available to Pick of remaining items and change the order status to 'Cancelled'.

Fulfilled shipments will remain as they are, any shipments in saved/committed/picked/ packed statues will be removed.

Once canceled, the order cannot be reopened.

Shipped items before the cancellation of the order will not be removed from inventory and you will have to manually adjust inventory to add them back.

Note: If an order has been completely shipped, it cannot be canceled. You will have to manually adjust all the inventory back in.


Invoices can be created only after confirmation and even after fulfillment of a sale.

Multiple invoices can be created based on the sales order qty as needed.


Actions can help with anything from downloading purchases, to cancel orders. To print, download and more, click Actions.

Cancel Sales Order - This will close the sale and reduce allocated qty and increase available qty of items on order and change the order status to 'Cancelled'.

Print Sales Order - This will download the sales order for printing.

Print Pick Ticket - This will print a pick ticket for the user to show where to pick the items in the warehouse based on product picking rules.

Duplicate Sales Order - This will duplicate sale in a 'Saved' status.

SO to PO - This will allow you to create backorders.

Print SKU Labels - This will allow you to download and print product labels based on the sale qty.

Drop Ship - This will allow you to dropship any of the items that are flagged as drop shippable. To learn more click here.

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