Sales by Variant
Sales by Variant
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This report will show you all sales for each variant during the specified time period. 


Transaction Date - Confirmed Date or Fulfilled Date.
From - To Date - Starting time and ending period
Order Status - All, Confirmed, Inprocess, or Fulfilled

The default date range is from today to 1 months back.


Name - Variant Name.
SKU - SKU Code.
Items - Number of items of each variant that were sold.
Items Per - This is the percent of all items sold that were from this variant. Calculated using the formula: [(Items / Total Items)*100]
Price / Item - This is average revenue generated per item sold for the given variant. Calculate using the formula: Sales / Item.
Tax - This is the total of all taxes that were charged for the variant.
Sales (W/O Tax) - This is the total sales for all orders minus any taxes charged. Calculated using this formula: TOTAL(Quantity[line A] * Price[line A]) where "line A" represents each line of each order that the variant appeared in.
COGS - This is the value of inventory being sold. Calculated using this formula: (Variant MAC * total quantities in orders).
Profit - This is the profit generated from the variant. Calculated using this formula: [Sales (W/O Tax) - COGS].
Profit Margin - This is the gross margin of the variant. Calculated using this formula: [(Sales (W/O Tax) - COGS)*100] / Sales (W/O Tax). 


Reports can be exported to Excel. Reports can also be emailed to 5 email addresses at a time.

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