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Purchase Order Life Cycle
Purchase Order Life Cycle

Purchase order status and flow

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Create purchases to bring inventory into the warehouse from vendors. Every purchase order created in the platform will display one of these statuses. Below is a depiction of how the life cycle of a purchase order progresses.


This status is optional. You have the option to either set this as the initial stage or confirm the order.

In this stage, the stock doesn't appear On Order.

Once you are ready to proceed with the purchase, confirm the saved order and the Purchase Order status will change to “Confirmed”.


The confirmed stage is where your stock is shown as On Order.

You can only edit your order at this stage and any changes will affect the On Order Qty.

Billing of the vendor is available during and after this stage.

To move onto the next phase, receive any qty on the Purchase Order.

In process

At this stage, the order is being processed.

Stock On Order will reduce as you receive the inventory.

You can start creating bills during this stage and send them to your accounting platform.

To move onto the next phase, receive all of the items on the Purchase Order.


Once the order is completely received, the status will become Fulfilled.


Order canceled will close the purchase and reduce On Order of remaining items and change the order status to 'Cancelled'.

Once canceled, the order cannot be reopened.

Received items before the cancellation of the order will still be in your inventory and you will have to manually adjust inventory to remove them.

Note: If an order has been completely received, it cannot be cancelled. You will have to manually adjust all the inventory out.


Bills can be created only when the purchase order is in Confirmed, In Process or Fulfilled status.

Multiple bills can be created based on the purchase qty as needed.

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