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B2B eCommerce Portal - Setup
B2B eCommerce Portal - Setup

B2B Wholesale Portal Setup

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Go to Settings > Add-Ons > Integrations > B2B eCommerce Portal

General Settings


A system-generated URL to access your store

Set quantity available for this store to match

It allows you to set which warehouse inventory you want to show in the B2B portal.

Default fulfillment warehouse

Warehouse the order will be downloaded to once they are placed in the B2B portal.


Order Status

Orders can be downloaded in one of two statuses, confirmed or saved. Saved will create a draft order, while confirmed will allocate inventory.

Show orders from all channels

If checked, a user can see all orders placed on their account regardless of if they were placed via the B2B portal. If unchecked, the user will only see orders placed via the B2B portal.

Show available quantity

if checked, a user can see the available qty of the items. If unchecked, inventory availability will be hidden from the user.

Ship By Date Buffer In Days

The value of the field is in days. If set to "5", the user can pick a Ship by date of 5 days from the current date or later.

Payment Gateways

Payment Types

Currently, only stripe can be used as a payment gateway for the B2B portal.

Pricing, Tax, and Shipping

Fixed Cost Shipping

If enabled, you will be able to set a flat shipping fee cost. If disabled, no flat shipping fee will be charged.

Display Text Label

Will be displayed if Fixed Shipping Cost is enabled. This allows you to set the display name of the shipping cost.

Shipping Fee

Will be displayed if Fixed Shipping Cost is enabled. This will allow you to set the flat shipping cost for every order.

Promotional Message

This required message will be shown on the header once the user logs into the B2B portal.


Logo for the b2b login portal and the header logo for once you are inside the portal. The file must be your subdomain name_logo. For example, if your account name is, your logo file must be name demo_logo.

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