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Managing Amazon FBA Inventory + Orders
Managing Amazon FBA Inventory + Orders
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To manage Amazon FBA inventory and orders within Brahmin Solutions, you need to follow these few steps:

1. Create a Warehouse in Brahmin Solutions

Create a warehouse in Brahmin that matches the Amazon FBA warehouse.

2. Transfer Inventory into the new warehouse

If you set up the warehouse in Brahmin Solutions for the first time, make sure to match the inventory in the warehouse to Amazon FBA by adding inventory in or transferring inventory from an existing warehouse.

After the initial setup, any time you send inventory to Amazon FBA, make sure to make an inventory transfer from your current warehouse to the FBA warehouse in Brahmin Solutions.

If you are purchasing inventory and sending it directly to Amazon FBA, make sure to create a purchase order in the FBA warehouse and receive the inventory.

3. Create Orders

To match Amazon and Brahmin inventory levels, create daily or weekly FBA orders in the software to deplete the inventory. This should match the inventory levels between FBA and Brahmin Solutions.

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