Inventory Status
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Brahmin Solutions supports multiple inventory numbers. It is important you know the differences.

On Hand - Qty that is physically in your warehouse/location.

Allocated - Qty that is on sales orders + on production orders. Draft production and sales orders will not be considered allocated.

Available - Qty that is available to sell or consume, depending on the type of item. This is the qty that is sent to sales channels if this product is linked. This is the qty the system uses when it calculates the Can Make qty of a finished product.

Expected - Qty that is expected to be incoming into the warehouse. This can come from production orders or purchase orders.

Committed - Qty that is locked at the order level. This assumes the qty is locked or picked at the sales or production order levels.

Available to Pick - Qty that is at the location that is not committed, regardless of allocation.

Here are formulas that will always be true:

On Hand = Allocated + Available

On Hand = Committed + Available to Pick

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