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Updating Variant Prices
Updating Variant Prices
Updating variant prices
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You can manage your Price Lists in two ways depending on the amount of information you need to update.

Manually updating variant prices

To update a single variant, you can use the Variant view by going to "Inventory > View Variants." Search and find the variant you are trying to update and update the price list under the UOM section.

Bulk update variants pricing

Alternatively, you can update pricelists in bulk by exporting products from "Inventory > View Products > Actions > Export Products." This will start the export process.

Then go to "Export / Import > View Exports." Click on the latest CSV file to download and then make the necessary changes for the price lists.

Once you are done with the changes, go to "Import / Export > New Import > Update Existing > SKU" and then click Import.

To learn more about updating products via CSV.

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