Creating Tracking Fields
Tracking Fields - Batch and Lot Numbers, Expiry Date and Serial Numbers
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Tracking fields need to be created before they can be assigned to products.

To create product tracking fields, go to Settings > Tracking Fields.

Click on the Add button to add the needed tracking fields.

Tracking Field Label (Required) - The display name of your tracking field.

Tracking Field Type (Required) - Select the tracking field type needed from the following options.

  1. Decimal Number - Use if you need the tracking field to be in a decimal format.

  2. Text - Use if you need the tracking field to be any text. Best used for Lot # or Batch.

  3. CheckBox - Use if you need to track a True / False type of attribute.

  4. Integer - Will allow only integers.

  5. Unique - Used specifically for serial number tracking.

  6. Date - Use for no expiry date tracking.

  7. Expiration Date - Use for expiration date.

  8. Money - Will only allow currency.

Description (Required) - Tracking field description.

Status - Active / Deactive flag.

Click the checkmark to save the tracking field.

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