How to create, edit and delete operation names?

Create, Edit and Delete Operation Names

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The operation name defines a specific step that needs to be completed to manufacture the product.

If your existing Operation names do not yet include the Operation name you wish to use for a manufacturing order, you can create new Operation names in the Settings > Operations.

Creating new Operation names

1. Go to Settings.

2. Navigate to the Operations tab in settings. If you do not see the tab, then it is not enabled in roles and permissions. If you are an admin, go to your role and enable the permission. You will be required to logout and log back in to load the tab.

3. Once in the Operations tab in settings, click ADD.

4. Type in the operation name, and it will autosave.

Editing Operation names

If you wish to edit the operation name, change the operation name as needed.

Deleting Operation names

If you need to delete the operation, you can use the delete icon to remove the operation. Note that this will remove the operations from all BOMs and Manufacturing Orders.

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