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Update/Change Existing Products
Update/Change Existing Products
Updating or making changes to existing products via Import/Export Functionality
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Update existing products in bulk and import via the following steps:

Start by doing an export of current products by going to Inventory > View Products under the drop down menu. Click on the "Action" drop down menu on the top right corner of the page and click "Export Products". A message window will pop up at the bottom of the page informing about the export file being created.

To download the export file go to Import > View Exports under the drop down menu, a list of files will be displayed, select the most recent file by checking the time stamp.

Note: When manually updating any details of a product in the software, make sure to do the export after saving the changes to export updated information.

Open the file to update the necessary fields and save the file.

Note: Please be mindful of Column "I" for UPC code, our current file changes it to a "Scientific" format, you need to change the whole column back to "Number" format, remove the decimal places and save it for the file to upload the UPC code in the correct format.

Should be as the Green boxes vs. the red boxes

To start the import process, go to Import > New Import under drop down menu. Toggle to "Update Existing" as this file is updating one or many of the existing products from the export file. Select "SKU" on the "Select Template" drop down menu. Click on "Browse" to select the recently updated export file to upload and click "Import". A message window will pop up at the bottom of the page informing about the import process being started and my take a few minutes.

Wait time may vary depending on the size of the file and number of changes to the file. Then go to "View Product" to verify changes.

Note: There are two ways to verify if anything failed to import, go to Import > View Failed Imports under drop down menu. Check list of files that failed by checking the time stamp to match recently uploaded file. Another way is by repeating the exact steps mentioned above to do an import, once you click on "SKU" under "Select Template" drop down menu, a list of products that have failed and the error messages will be displayed.


Proceed to fix error messages on the same file and perform the import again to update any failed imports.

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