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Invoice Shipped Line Items vs Entire Order
Invoice Shipped Line Items vs Entire Order
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Invoice your customers intelligently and manage a variety of payment terms with Brahmin Solutions Invoices.

Generally, if your business is selling to end consumers you will collect full payment before items are shipped (or handed) to the customer, so in Brahmin Solutions, sales orders that are either imported from an integrated sales channel or manually created as fully billed and paid.

If your business is selling to other businesses, however, are subject to a variety of payment terms that may likely change over the lifetime of the customer, contingent on customer longevity, creditworthiness, order volume, etc. Due to supply constraints, a single order may have many shipments.

A one-size-fits-all billing solution won't cut it, especially considering the likelihood of a business dealing in both D2C and B2B. Take control of your sales order workflow by invoicing against either an entire order or only its shipped line items.

Underneath the confirm invoice button, you will notice an Ordered / Shipped toggle:

Toggle to Invoice Ordered vs Shipped

Click your desired invoicing method:

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