Batch / Lot Tracking Overview
Batch / Lot Tracking Overview
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Batch Tracking (Lot Tracking) gives the users the ability to track batches of products from their creation, right through to its sale. Batch Number tracking can be used with any product in Brahmin Solutions. This enables you to monitor your components or ingredients throughout the process.

As you receive a component, you can record the batch number, the batch is then tracked throughout your production process all way to the sale to your customer.

You can also assign expiry dates to batches, giving you control over the shelf life of your products.

Batch Tracking Inputs

Batch tracking can be entered into your stock from the following actions:

  • Purchase order receipts

  • Completing production orders

  • Customer return

  • Inventory adjustment - Add

  • Inventory move - In

  • Warehouse transfer - In

Batch Tracking Outputs

Batch tracking can be tracked as the qty is reduced from the following actions:

  • Picking inventory for productions

  • Vendor returns

  • Sales order shipments

  • Inventory adjustment - Remove

  • Inventory move - Out

  • Warehouse transfer - Out

Batch Tracking Reports

Batches can be viewed in the following locations

  • Inventory report

  • Variant > Location Tab

  • Non-Serial tracking report



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