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Import Purchase Order via CSV
Import Purchase Order via CSV
Importing Large Purchase Orders via CSV
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Import purchase orders in bulk via the following steps:

Download the CSV template by going to Purchases > New Purchase/Returns

Select the vendor and save the order, then click on "Actions" and select "import line items" to download the CSV template 

Fill in the template with all the line items for the new purchase order

Don't edit or remove any columns or headers.

Save the file as a Comma Separated Values file type. 

Note: When populating the file, $ or any other prefixes are not recognized by the system and would cause it to fault, please do not use any prefixes.

To upload the file, find the saved purchase order by going to Inbound > View Purchases. After opening the saved order click on "Actions" and select "import line items" to upload the CSV file.

If you are having an issue importing vendors, email the file to with your username and account id.

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