Creating locations
Creating locations
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Locations are where stock is stored in the warehouse. The location at the bottom of the hierarchy is where stock will be stored. The bottom locations have 4 types:

Receivable - Allows inventory to be received from purchase orders.
Pickable - Inventory in this location can be allocated and picked out of for sales orders.
Hold - Inventory can't be received or allocated or picked from this location. Disables receivable and pickable flag.
Active - Toggle to make this location active or inactive. 

Checking off receivable and pickable will allow you to receive and pick inventory from.

To create locations, go to Settings > Facility > Location.  

First select the warehouse and the hierarchy you want to create locations under. Look at the example below.

Once you have entered all the information, click generate.

This would create: 

1 Zone, 3 Sections (Under the 1 Zone), 10 Aisles (Under each section) and 20 Bins (Under each section)

Here is an example of the bin that will hold the stock.

Each bin will have a unique location code. Ex: Z1 - S1 - A1 - B1 this means that Zone 1, Section 1 , Aisle 1 and Bin 1. 

Adding a type to the any of the hierarchy location will copy down to the children hierarchy, Ex: Making S1 - Receivable will make everything under S1 Receivable. You can go to the lower levels and change it as needed. Changing at the lower location level will not transfer up. 

Adding flags for the locations will have to be saved individually and not in bulk. 

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