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Adding a vendor to a product
Adding a vendor to a product

Primary vendor, dropshippable, custom vendor price

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Add a vendor or multiple vendors to a product in order to backorder, dropship, reorder and set custom vendor pricing.

Adding a vendor to a product

Go to the variant you wish to assign a  vendor to.

Then go to the pricing tab and click add.

Enter the following information:

Vendor - Vendor
Vendor Id - Vendor's product code
UOM - Unit of Measure
Price List - Price list you want to use with this vendor.
Price - The price you generally pay for this item from this supplier
Recent Date - This will be automatically set. Most recent date this product is ordered.
Lead Time - Number of days between PO confirmation and fulfillment.
Drop Shippable - Check flag to make this dropshippable
Default - Check to make this the default vendor

Making a Vendor Default

To make the vendor default, make sure the default flag is checked. Only one vendor can be defaulted. This default vendor will be the default vendor when backordering or reordering.

Making a Vendor Drop Shippable

To make the vendor dropshippable, make sure the dropshippable flag is checked. More than one vendor can be dropshippable. If the vendor is set to default and dropshippable, that will be the default dropship vendor if not the most recent dropship vendor will be default vendor suggested for a dropship.

Changing the Vendor Price

To change the vendor price, click edit and set the new vendor price and save the variant. This new price will appear when you reorder, backorder, purchase and dropship from this vendor.

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