Creating a New Price List

Creating a new Price List

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It’s common for businesses to require multiple price lists to support several different workflows such as individual customer pricing, purchasing products in foreign currencies, different tiers of wholesale pricing, and maintaining multiple retail prices globally dispersed retail outlets.

By default, Brahmin Solutions comes with Wholesale, Retail, and Buy price lists.

Creating a new Price List

To set up a new price list, navigate to Settings > Price Lists.

Click the New button in the upper right corner.

You’ll need to give each new price list a name and select the currency which should be pre-existing before it can be saved.

At this stage, you can also choose a price list type. The price list type determines its availability throughout Brahmin Solutions. The Sell type is used for the sales process (sales orders, sales channel sync, etc.), and the Buy type is used for purchase order creation.

Once you've entered the details, check the status as active and click the checkmark to save. Once the price list is saved, you can now add new prices for each of your variants.

Once done, the new price list can also be assigned as a default to customers or vendors.

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