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How are stock levels calculated for a Kit?
How are stock levels calculated for a Kit?
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KITs are made up of two or more components.

The stock levels are changed at the individual product level.


Your kit is a Computer Set.

Your kit is made up of 4 variants:

  • 1 Keyboard

  • 1 Monitor

  • 1 Mouse

  • 1 Laptop

Current inventory levels for the 4 variants are:

  • 10 Keyboards

  • 7 Monitors

  • 5 Mice

  • 6 Laptops

This means, you currently have 5 Computer Sets "On Hand" & "Available" in your inventory because you need the quantities of each of the 4 variants to make 1 Computer set. The limiting variant is the 5 mice, you can have a max of 5 Computer Sets.

Lets now assume that you got an order for 3 Computer Sets.

Each of these variants will reflect the changes from that order. Your available stock will be adjusted to the following:

  • 7 Keyboards

  • 4 Monitors

  • 2 Mice

  • 3 Laptops

You will notice that your Computer Set stock will show 5 On Hand but only 3 Available since 2 were Allocated to the sales order.

Now, let's say you receive a sales order for 1 mouse. Once you "Confirm" the order, inventory availability will decrease by 1 as inventory allocated increases by 1.

Now, you will only have 1 Available Computer Set.

Altho you haven't committed a whole Computer Set, the limiting variant mouse has only 1 qty available now which will make Computer Set availability to 1.

If you receive an order for 1 Keyboard, you will notice that the availability of the Computer Sets will not change since there is enough stock to meet the maximum number of available Computer Sets.

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