Products Overview
Products Overview
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A product refers to the broadest classification of the items that make up your inventory. Brahmin Solutions keeps items sold and raw materials under the classification of a product.

One product can have multiple variants (e.g. color, size). If you have not enabled multiple variants for a product, then it is considered a single variant. Read more about variants.

A product also includes a variant code (SKU). If multiple variants are not enabled, then there is only a single variant SKU. If a product has multiple variants, then each variant has a unique SKU. Read more about Variant SKUs.

Product examples: Table, Chair

Notice that attributes like size and color are not used in the product name. We recommend handling those attributes through our variants name/options.

A product can be classified into 4 types of items. The differentiation is handled by the flags Buy, Sell, Kit, or Make. Learn more.

Materials (Raw Materials) - are items that you use in manufacturing your products.

Subassemblies / Batch Items - can be called intermediate products used in larger assemblies and/or sold to customers.

Products for sale - are items that can be sold to customers. Your company can make them by enabling the make flag or enable the buy option to allow the product to be bought from a vendor.

Bundles - are items made up of other sellable products.

Note: You can create products both individually or in bulk via CSV. After you import your products into Brahmin Solutions, you will be able to view and manage your products by going to "Inventory > View Products".

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