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Brahmin Solutions drop shipping functionality allows you to create dropship purchase orders right from a Sales Order page.

Before you start dropshipping, ensure all the Products that you will need to dropship have a vendor added with the cost and a drop shippable flag checked.

Now that you have set that up, you can start creating dropships.

Creating a Dropship

In the sales order go to Actions -> Create Dropship

A popup will appear and you can select the line items to dropship and a dropshipping tab will appear and link to a dropship PO will appear.

If more than one dropship vendor exists, your vendor dropdown will have multiple vendors. Select the vendors and enter the qty you want to dropship.

This will create a dropship tab and a po link on the sales order.

Note: Enter qty 0 for all the line items you wish to not dropship.

Completing Dropship

Go to the dropship tab, enter the ship date if it is different than the current date and then click ship. This will fulfill all the dropship purchase orders.

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