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View sales and search sales
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View sales screen is where all the sales orders from sales channels, wholesale portal and manual created orders exist.

From this View Sales page, you can process orders and create new sales orders.


Click the gear icon in the top-right corner to add and remove columns:

Search sales in 2 ways:

1. Simple Search: Allows you to search by sales order #, customer, status, tags, confirmed date. 

2. Advanced Search: allows you to search by combination of one or more fields.

Filters / Sorting

Purchases can be filtered in 4 ways:

All: Will include all the purchase orders.
Open: Will include all purchase orders that are not fulfilled
To Confirm: Will include all invoices that are saved and not confirmed.
To Receive: Will include all purchase orders that are confirmed and In Process and have inventory to be received against the purchase.

To sort a column, just click on the column header and you will see a little icon over the column that the table is sorted by

Bulk Actions

Bulk actions can help with confirming purchases, downloading purchases and more. To process orders in bulk, select the orders in question and click Bulk Actions.

Add Tags
Select sales orders to tag

Remove Tags
Select sales orders to remove tags

Download Sales
Select sales orders to download in a PDF format

Confirm Sales
Select sales to confirm by entering a Ship By date

Un-Confirm Sales
Select sales to un-confirm

Print Pick Ticket
Select sales orders to print pick tickets

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