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Implementation Road Map
Implementation Road Map
Learn how to go from demo to LIVE!
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Phase 1: Kick-off

We will start off by getting to know each other and preparing for the launch.

1.1 Introductory Call (Customer & Account Executive)

Your personal Brahmin Solutions Account Executive will contact you shortly after your sign-up to set up an introductory call to get to know you and your business. This will help us better plan out your onboarding with Brahmin Solutions. 

1.2a. Schedule Planning (Account Executive)

Your Brahmin Solutions Account Executive will put together your Launch schedule and send you an updated Launch guide with target dates. 

1.2b. Complete Basic Setup (Customer)

While we put together your schedule and get your account ready, you can help get things rolling by completing some of these basic tasks (varies from customer to customer):

  • First Time login - Super User

  • Warehouse and Location Configurations

  • Users & Roles

  • Configurations (Payment Terms, Taxes, Category Tree, Drop Downs, Custom Fields, Currencies, Landed Costs and Tracking Fields)

  • Connect to your Sales Channels

  • Shipping Channels and Carrier 

Phase 2: Data Preparation 

In this phase, we’ll need your help gathering and preparing some essential files and templates. Most of the data we need here can usually be exported from your existing systems.

2.1 Data Preparation (Account Executive & Customer)

You will need to gather and prepare various data from your existing systems to complete Brahmin Solutions Import Templates. Your Account Executive will provide these templates to you. Your Account Executive can help work with you to complete this task. The documents we need to be completed are:

  • Product Data w/ Variants

  • Kit Import

  • Vendor Import

  • Customer Import

  • Inventory w/ Locations

Phase 3: Setup

Once all the necessary data and files have been received, we will work to get everything set up and imported into your system. This is typically the longest phase of the process, as we ensure that data is imported and set up properly.

3.1 Import Data (Customer & Account Associate)

Your Account Executive will go over the data and get all the information and data imported and set up in your system. You may be asked to help verify discrepancies and link items we cannot complete. 

3.2 Final Review (Account Executive & Customer)

We will sit with you and verify that all the data is set up accurately and you are ready to go. 

Phase 4: Launch & Training

Now that we’ve gotten the hard tasks out of the way, we get to the exciting stuff!

In the final phase, we begin training of the Brahmin Solutions platform, to help you run your operations efficiently on a day-to-day basis. Training sessions typically run 1hr long, and your Account Executive will coordinate with you and your team to schedule your training sessions, making sure to include all necessary personnel.

After each training session, you will immediately get a chance to start applying your newfound knowledge of Brahmin Solutions. Our goal is to have you begin using the system right after training to help ensure training retention, but we also know you’re just ready to get started!

4.1 Training: Product & Listing Management & Inventory Adjustments (Account Executive & Customer)

Training Topics that will be covered are:

  • Product Overview

  • Creating a Product with variants

  • Creating a Product without a variant

  • Creating a Kit

  • Pushing / Importing / Linking products

  • Bulk Actions / Searching / Filtering

4.2 Training: Order Management & Allocate / Commit / Pick / Pack / Ship & Invoicing (Account Executive & Customer)

Training Topics that will be covered are:

  • Customers Overview

  • Sales Order Life Cycle

  • Creating a Sales Order

  • Allocate / Commit / Pick / Pack / Ship

  • Invoicing

  • Bulk Actions / Searching / Filtering

4.3 Training: Vendors, Reordering, Billing, Receiving, Dropshipping, and Backordering (Account Executive & Customer)

Training Topics that will be covered are:

  • Vendors Overview

  • Purchase Order Life Cycle

  • Creating a Purchase Order

  • Reorder Report

  • Billing

  • Receiving

  • Dropshipping

  • Back Ordering

  • Bulk Actions / Searching / Filtering

4.4 RMA & Vendor Returns & Reports (Account Executive & Customer)

Training Topics that will be covered are:

  • RMA Overview

  • RO Overview

  • Reports

4.5 Final Review & Sign-Off (Account Executive & Customer)

Account Executive will have a final review call to recap your onboarding and tie up and miscellaneous tasks. Once you have signed off on all tasks, we will transition you over to our Customer Success Team to help you with any day-to-day questions and issues.

Note: The speed of Kick Off to Live is dependent on you. The faster we get the information the faster we can take you live.

Congratulations It's Go Live Time!!!  🎉🎊

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