Create a Purchase Return

Create Purchase Return

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Create purchase returns (RO) in Brahmin Solutions to ship stock back to vendors. 

To begin, go to Inbound Menu and click New Purchase / Return or in View Purchases Returns screen, click on actions and click New.

Select Type and changed the type to Return.

Add Vendor

First, choose a Vendor.

If a vendor doesn't exist, click on the + next to vendor dropdown to add a new vendor.

After a vendor is selected, Ship To and all the info in Details tab will be preloaded from the vendor.

Add RO Details

Use Purchase Return information / Details to track your purchase returns.

Ship By Date (Required) - which is the date the order will be completely shipped.

Confirm Date - Use this to track when the order is finalized. The date will be set automatically once the order is confirmed, but you can backdate or enter a future date.

Fulfilled Date - Use this to track when the order is completely shipped. The date will be set automatically once the order is completely received, but you can backdate or enter a future date.

Select any Tax associated with this purchase return from the dropdown.

If a Price List is associated with the vendor, it will automatically be pre-populated when the vendor is selected, but you can change the price list if needed.

Note: Price list and currency are linked together.

Add Line Items

Add line items via any of the following methods:


Search by product, variant name or SKU code. This method is best for small purchase returns with just a few line items.

Select the UOM and enter qty to return.

Inventory Tab

Use the Inventory Tab to add products much quicker. This method is best for adding items in a bulk.

Enter the Qty to return and items will be added to the order.

Save RO

When ready, save your purchase return by clicking save on the top corner.

Confirm RO

When a RO is finalized, confirm your order by clicking confirm on the top corner.

Confirming order will update the products Allocated Qty and Available Qty

Fulfill RO

Ship all the Qty on the return to fulfill the RO.

Note: Fulfilling a RO will affect the On Hand Qty and Allocated Qty.

Tagging RO

Tags allow you to easily filter and group purchase returns.

Tags can be applied to purchase return during any stage of the life cycle.

To add a tag, simply type in the tag name followed by a comma. If a tag exists, similar tags will show up in a dropdown as you type.

Once the RO is fulfilled, Tags can be added only from view purchase returns and by using bulk actions.


Actions can help with anything from downloading purchase Returns, to order cancellation. To print, download and more, click Actions.

Print Purchase Return Order - This will download purchase return for printing.

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