Inventory History Report
Inventory History Report
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This report shows stock and inventory financial information for the selected timeframe. 

Use this report to view historical inventory data for any period within the life of your Brahmin Solutions account. This information can be particularly helpful to calculate min and max and the in and out levels of stock over time.


Start Date - Start date of the search criteria
End Date - End date of the search criteria


This report includes the following Fields

SKU - Product Name
Description - Description
UOM- Unit of measure
Opening Stock - Opening inventory level at the beginning of the period
Closing Stock - Closing inventory level at the end of the period
Received - Inventory received between the time period
Shipped - Inventory shipped between the time period
Adj-Added - Inventory adjusted between the time period
Adj-Removed - Inventory removed between the time period
Vendor Return - Inventory returned to vendors between the time period
Customer Return - Inventory returned from customers between the time period


Reports can be exported to PDF and Excel. Reports can also be emailed to 5 email addresses at a time.

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