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Inventory on hand, on order, allocated and available report
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This report lists all the variants in the system with details such as qty, location, brand, and category. 


SKU - SKU Name or SKU Code
SKU Category - Product category
OnHand Qty - On hand qty range
Allocated Qty - Allocated qty range
OnHold Qty - On hold qty range
Tags - Tags

Main Header

This report includes the following Fields

SKU Name - Product Name
SKU Code - SKU Code
Category - Product category
Brand - Product brand
UOM - Unit of measure
OnHand - Qty that is physically in the warehouse
Allocated - Qty that is allocated to sales orders
OnHold - Qty that is in hold location
Available - Qty that is available to sell
OnOrder - Qty that is coming from vendors 

Note: Toggle the row to see more details of the variant.

Sub Header

Warehouse - Warehouse name (Only shows when all is selected)
- Variant location
Tracking Fields - Tracking information such as serial #, lot # and so on.
OnHand - Qty physically at the location
Allocated - Allocated qty at the location

Note: When all is toggled for warehouses, the inventory totals will be a sum of all the warehouses.


Note: Allocated and OnOrder qty will be clickable if qty is greater than 0.

Allocated -  Shows all the sales orders this variant is allocated on.
OnOrder - Shows all the purchase orders this variant is OnOrder.


Reports can be exported to PDF and Excel. Reports can also be emailed to 5 email addresses at a time.

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