Customer Fulfillment
Customer Fulfillment
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This report shows all sales and customer returns fulfilled for a customer along with the line items.  


Customer - Customer Name
Order # - Customer # or Customer Return #
SKU - SKU Name or SKU Code
Outbound Type - Sale or Return
From Date  - Starting date range
To Date - Ending date range
Tags - Tags


This report includes the following Fields

Header Fields

Customer - Vendor Name
Order # - Customer # or Customer Return #
Order Type - Sale or Return
Status - Only Fulfilled orders will show
Created - Date order was created
Confirmed - Date order was confirmed
Expected - Date order was expected to be fulfilled
Fulfilled - Date order was fulfilled

To see the line item details of the order, toggled the line.

Line Item Fields

SKU Name - SKU Name
SKU Code - SKU Code
Tracking Fields - Tracking fields associated with the product
Ordered Qty - Qty ordered on purchase
Received Qty - Qty received
Unit Cost - Sale price of the item

Use Cases

Use this report to view completed sales and returns by filtering by one or more filter options.


Reports can be exported to PDF and Excel. Reports can also be emailed to 5 email addresses at a time.

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