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How to create a Backorder
How to create a Backorder

Backordering and SO to PO

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The backorder functionality lets you convert create purchase order to restock inventory to fulfill your sales orders. Here’s how you can make the most out of backordering.

Before you start backordering, ensure all the Products that you will need to backorder have a vendor associated with them.

Now that you have set that up, you can start creating backorders.

To create a backorder, in the sales order go to Actions -> Create a Purchase Order

You can create two types of backorders:

  1. All Products (Will use full quantities from the sales order to create a backorder)

  2. Short Products Only (Will only use the quantity from the sales order that is short)

Once a purchase order is created, there will be a Purchase Order # link on the Sales Order. The link will allow you to get access to the purchase order directly from the sales order.

Viewing Backordered Sales Orders

If you would like to see which sales orders are backordered, go to the view sales list and toggle to Backordered tab to see a list of sales that have backorders associated with them.

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